Monday, 14 July 2008

Hallam in the dock.

Newly elected Chair' of Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Future, Edward Hallam (pictured above at the CLWCF launch in Spring 2006), is having very serious accusations made against him today.

tBg just received this:

"Edward Hallam joined as a ‘support role’ and continued a sustained campaign of bullying, scheming and even at times lying to get people kicked of the committee.

The people he got sacked on the brutal path to power within the first three months (of CLWCF) were:

- Ben Heppenstall, social secretary (sacked by text and was so upset he moved to Liverpool!)
- Emily Clifton, Press secretary (sacked via text message)
- Rohan Mcculloch, events (Sacked via phone)
- Steven George, former vice-Chairman (Pushed out))".

Tory Bear reported yesterday on some paid up members of CLWCF not receiving ballot papers, or being alerted to CLWCF's AGM. tBg can confirm this story as fact.

tBg's source added:

"...Interesting how he (Hallam) has gone up the ranks don’t you think? I am a fully paid member and they have definitely not sent me a ballot paper or even notification that an AGM was coming up, this election is a cold calculated farce designed to get Hallam into Parliament."


Anonymous said...

Could that weasily little man bully anyone? Trust me that boy would never get through a PAB!!

weasle said...

Rock as chairman can you please sort this out? During your election manifesto you said that you would give power back to the branch and area chairman. Surely there must be some accountability?
How does this work? Do you ask each branch for minutes of their agm to make sure that there is no corruption? How can we ever be taken seriously if we have farcicle elections like this one. If it is true that other people wanted to stand but were not told about it then the branch should have a re-election.

Philp said...

Here here.

This new chairman '"has something of the night about him".

It is fact that several other high-fliers wanted to stand for chairman of CLWCF and were conned by the ZERO publicity around the AGM. This was a deliberate trick so they would miss the nomination and then also miss out on the vote itself.

Anyone that knows CLWCF knows for a fact that all other events are heavilly promoted on Facebook and via email. Remember how many messages we all got about the £10 a-head social a in June?

We need a new, fair election and we want it now!


Googler21 said...

Discracful! Hallam should be removed by The Rock and a re-election called. This just isn't fair. Without fair play, everything falls apart.

Anonymous said...

Rock will do nothing, as Hallam is one of his buddies.

Marko said...

Hallam was Rock's spy and helped dig up the dirt on Richardson during the election, he'll never be called to account for his actions. (Like Peter Mandelson)

Rumoured to be the brains behind infamous 'Richardson rigged the election' site in partnership with another senior Kings conservative - the site derailed Richardson's campaign and left him for dead.


Sophie Fernandes said...

Anyone who knows Ed, knows he does not have a bad bone in his body. He puts a lot of time and effort into CF at the grassroots - just like more people instead of just bitching. no wonder people don't want to join CF when there is so much back stabbing (and it isn't Ed doing it).

Sam Billett said...

For the record I thought I should correct a few untruths that have been posted on this blog.

1) Sackings

Ben Heppenstall resigned his post in CLWCF by mutual consent, following a period of absence. During that time neither the then VC Steve George nor I could contact him.

Rohan McCulloch (My oldest best mate and recent flatmate) agreed to join CLWCF prior to its re-launch in order to support me as an exec member. Two months in he resigned citing a lack of interest and commitment in and to CLWCF.

Steve George resigned citing a busy work schedule and a want to support his partner Clair in South London CF.

Emily Clifton was removed from her post, as she was unable to commit fully to her CLWCF exec role at the time. CLWCF and Emily parted on good terms and continue to remain in close working contact. At the time I made it clear to Emily that the door to the CLWCF exec would remain fully open to her, as and when she had the time to play a more full time role.

With regards to excluding CLWCF members, this only occurred once, following a conversation with the Association. The person in question had purposefully and happily broken our Data protection, and left us with no other choice.

2) Elections

The AGM was coordinated and undertaken by the Association. Neither Ed, the new /old exec or I played any role in organising the AGM. Members on Facebook ARE NOT members. In order to be a member you must have paid the £10 fee. Those who are full members have their contact details logged with the Association and received a letter via post, courtesy of the Association. The Association were operating off their OWN LIST. From what I understand, the Association Agent Donald Stewart has not yet received any complaint regarding the AGM. May I recommend that those who have issue or disagreement with the AGM contact him immediately.

The AGM took place with additional members present, and everyone was voted in accordingly.

3) Lastly

With regards to the first comment posted on this blog - Patrick Sullivan was only voted into the exec at the recent AGM in the presence of the Association Agent Donald Stewart. I had no role whatsoever in his appointment. Nor did I 'appoint' Ed Hallam. Following his great work with CLWCF I gave him my backing as the outgoing Chair for the Chairman position. Ed was voted in at the AGM in the presence of the Association Agent Donald Stewart.

Unlike others who have posted comments on this Blog, I also include my email address. Should anyone wish to raise anything with me regarding these comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope this may clarify the situation.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

"Hallam was Rock's spy and helped dig up the dirt on Richardson during the election, he'll never be called to account for his actions. (Like Peter Mandelson)

Rumoured to be the brains behind infamous 'Richardson rigged the election' site in partnership with another senior Kings conservative - the site derailed Richardson's campaign and left him for dead."

I think that if these gentlemen believe that, then they have a rather inflated view of their own importance to the process.

Sam said...

For the record this is what I believe occured:

1) Sackings

You also openly admit that you approached the association to remove members that 'got in the way of the plan'

I know Emily was in tears after her text while she was at the theatre! I was there, believe me - she was sacked.

2) Elections

You say; "The AGM was coordinated and undertaken by the Association".

But how can this be? I called them today and no publicity was given to alert members to stand. Do they know this?

'The AGM took place' - where, when? and who exactly was there?

3) Lastly

Patrick Sullivan now has more positions than the Karma Sutra.

I hope this may clarify the situation.

Best wishes,


Sam Billett said...

1) Removing the ONE MEMBER in question had nothing to do with them 'getting in the way'. He purposefully broke our Data protection and I had to alert the Association. They agreed that having done so in the manner in which he did, he could be expelled from membership of CLWCF. But I argued that removing him from the Association would be unfair. As such he continues to remain a part of CLWCA. Again, if you take exception to this, please contact the Association Agent Donald Stewart.

2) Emily was removed until a time that she would be more available to undertake her responsibilities. Emily was not 'sacked' by text. As contacting Emily had always been difficult, a phone message and email were sent. Having left a voice message and aware that she had not received previous voice messages I had left, I sent her a triple text explaining the situation. Since then we have spoken at length and the matter has been fully resolved. – THE POINT I WAS MAKING WAS THAT THE ALLEGATIONS ON THE WEBSITE RELATING TO ED HALLAM AND ‘SACKINGS’ ARE COMPLETELY FALSE AND BASED ON NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

3) The Chairman and old/new Executive can play no role whatsoever in the AGM. If you feel that insufficient notice / advertising was given - THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MUST RAISE WITH THE ASSOCIATION. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE. NOT CLWCF OR ITS CHAIRMAN/EXEC. We have to remain totally impartial, and did so throughout the process. Additional, minutes can be requested through our Association Agent Donald Stewart. Details of the time, place and attendees are all contained there. MEMBERS WERE NOTIFIED. If someone has been missed out then you must speak to the Association. Ed and the Exec do not have the answers! Rather than attacking Ed and the new Executive on a blog, speak to the association first?!

4) Patrick Sullivan may very well have 'more positions than the Karma Sutra' - but as far as I'm aware there is nothing in the constitution that prevents him from fulfil this role? The view you express is a personal observation and nothing more.

Sam Billett

Alister J. Cooling said...

Actually, I was the one at the Theatre with Emily Clifton when she was informed via text and trust me, the other people there aren't likely to post here as they aren't CFers, which leads to confirming who you are.

When Emily recieved the text she simply shrugged it off and went back to watching A Country Wife.

I am absolutely appalled at this behaviour and I hope you didn't think I would play along.

How dare you use me and my friend like that for your silly fun.

You're using my friends and to play these very silly and very pointless games.

I am going to afford you the courtesy of not naming you publically, but I am baffled by why you are doing this to be honest.

Don't give me this 'fun' crap either because it isn't fun, this is malicious.

If you truly believed all you said, why didn't you post in your real name?

Immature behaviour is far from attractive.


Anonymous said...

Alister - why not just out this malefactor?

Alister J. Cooling said...

Because I although I detest what has transpired, I will still offer some respect to them as we had a friendship and although I don't know where that is right now, I won't be publically saying any names.


Sam Billett said...

Looks like the truth is starting to come out afterall! Respect your decison not to name Alister - at the end of the day something tell's me that this blog and its author are about to fall flat on thier arse!

Anonymous said...

All we have is a series of assertions made by your good self and the very odd Mr Cooling.

I think we'll reserve judgement. The fact remains that you and Ed are oddballs in the extreme, even by CF standards.

Alister J. Cooling said...

Indeed we are, indeed we are. BUT what we aren't are cowards, we have an opinion, we make it known because we believe in it.

You have a good day.


Anonymous said...

"Rock will do nothing, as Hallam is one of his buddies."

As predicted:-

sam billett said...

Because there is noting to do, as Ed has done nothing wrong. This whole situation has come about due to a vicious hidden agenda, based on lies, by a coward who hides behind anoniminity. Word is spreading about this blog and the people behind it. You've marked your own card. I should note that Donald Stewart has yet to receive any complaints. This is now a dead issue and warrants no more of anyone’s time. Including mine.

the Blue Guerilla said...

Please don't use other peoples names as your own, its very bad form. You can post under Anonymous'. tBg doesn't mind a rant and a rave at each other over content.

tBg tries and make this blog freely accessible to all under the principles of Libertarianism.

Please don't make tBg impose restrictions.


Anonymous said...

"You've marked your own card."

This sounds a bit sinister. Whose card has been marked, and by whom?

Jay Webster said...

For someone who is hoping to get involved in Conservative Future in London this is very off putting...

Anonymous said...

No shit. Billett and Hallam are enough to put anyone off for life.

Portia said...

I agree, some of the behavior in cf is extreeeemly outrageous. The people who actually want to do good are sick of the game-playing and backstabbing.

Alister J. Cooling said...

Absolutely agree Portia, the Game-Playing and Backstabbing is outrageous and 100% pointless because the only people that do it have a real urge for a career in Politics and they are the ones that get black marks against their names.

It is hard enough for people in CF to have any credibility within the party, so all this sniping only serves to make it harder.


John Moorcraft said...

Rumoured to be the brains behind infamous 'Richardson rigged the election' site in partnership with another senior Kings conservative - the site derailed Richardson's campaign and left him for dead.


The person behind that website had no knowledge of CF whatsoever, as was clear in their style of posting. Whoever was behind it has no place in CF, as much because of their ignorance as the divisive feelings such ridiculous nonsense stirred up.

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott said...

As someone who is not only a member of Conservative Future NME, as well as obviously the Conservative Patrty itself, I just wanted to say how hideous this must look to people who have little or nothing to do with us. Here we are slagging of Sam Billet who gave a great deal of effort to our cause in setting up two very succesful branches and here you are using him in a sad little game of "he said she said." Shame on the lot of you.

I ran for CF on the grounds I wanted us to take ourselves seriously in hopes that the party would take us seriously there after. I can no longer blame the party for seeing us as a joke, if this is the example they have to go on. I can also no longer blame people for feeling politics is bitchy and full of backstabbers, as again you all provide such a horrendous illustration. And I can no longer blame anyone who rolls their eyes at the very mention of "Conservative Future".

Nobody can tell you what to do in your own time - if you want to right nasty little blogs full of lies based on a malicious agenda, feel free, but do us - the members of the C.F and the Conservative Party, who are here to help support the party and make a difference, a really big favour and don't do it under a Conservative Party banner, because childish trash such as this certainly is not what this party represents. Shame on whoever is behind this. Be assured though as so many have already said, you truly have marked your card and although you may be anonymous here - you certainly aren't to those who matter.

God forbid the press ever see this and think this is what 10 years of Conservative Future has achieved -

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott

Anonymous said...

See, this is the great thing with Beaminster-Bott (or whatever her name is this week). Stabs more backs than the average Moroccan knifethrower, and then slates everyone else for being beastly backstabbers.

Obviously she isn't content with turning this organisation into a laughing stock by using its more soft-headed members as agricultural contractors or unpaid wombles.

Anonymous said...

“Shame on whoever is behind this. Be assured though as so many have already said, you truly have marked your card and although you may be anonymous here - you certainly aren't to those who matter.”

So if someone has an opinion about the numerous bad people in CF they should just shut up then Anastasia? I know you only got involved recently and have much to learn, but some of the postings on here raise genuine concerns about well-known bullies and cheats that have hurt a lot of people and caused a lot of tears.

You clearly hate democracy and free debate as do the rest of your new clan, what’s more you think you are all powerful.

You play the nice person card when you post online and in the company of the shadow cabinet but the whole of CF knows the truth about your real character.

Imagine if Simon Walters at the Mail heard the one about the girl that happily takes hundreds of pounds of money for hotel accommodation, food and wine and expenses from a friend and then tries to get the poor soul sacked from their job behind their back?

Anonymous said...

If the eleced NME campaigns director, wishes to splash the cash and pay for everything during his campaigns then that really is his look out and has absolutely nothing to do with friendship, a few of the people he accomodated he had never met before.

Anonymous said...

So if someone gives their heart, soul and personal money to help others that gives you the right to try and get them sacked?

Anonymous said...

i doubt from your comment that you know any of the people actually involved in this. henley was a pissup plain and simple, thats great but its not pouring your heart and soul into helping others

Ben said...

I should say that some of the comments on here could easily be perceived as venturing into liable. Please be careful about what is being said.

Thank you




Anonymous said...

Henley was NOT just a piss up. Many of the people from CF who went there did actually campaign. It may have not been the most organised campaign but there was more to it than just drinking.

I am also worried as to how other people will feel about CF after reading this blog and the comments in response to its posts. Basically in the CF there are loads of tossers who are just careerists. But there are still plenty of others who believe they are actually working towards helping achieve CF's goal - getting a Tory Government at the next election. Please remember that this is why we are all here and stop being so completely self-centred. Just stop whining and do something constructive.

Ben Howlett said...

Sorry I hate the fact I'm dyslexic, but deal with it...

Anonymous said...

"Hallam was Rock's spy and helped dig up the dirt on Richardson during the election, he'll never be called to account for his actions. (Like Peter Mandelson)

Rumoured to be the brains behind infamous 'Richardson rigged the election' site in partnership with another senior Kings conservative - the site derailed Richardson's campaign and left him for dead."

Yea that was Ed Hallam and Colin Moore.

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