Essential liberty.

Haltemprice & Howden go to the polls today after David Davis forced a by-election over essential British freedoms. The national debate never really caught alight. Probably due to the fact that Labour didn't field a candidate, for what was sure to be a total beating over the arguments on civil liberties.

Regardless, the latest national opinion polls seem to have swung in DD's favor. The public probably supported the 42 day detention because "they're terrorists". But the fact is, the person being held is a suspect, thus innocent until proven guilty (Why are the police arresting people without sufficient evidence anyway?).

Maybe DD standing down made the public think a little harder about being locked up for 6 weeks without knowing why, no charge and unable to defend yourself in a court of law. Gosh, sounds disgraceful when actually written down, eh?

tBg supports DD's decision to make a stand on these crucial and fundamental liberties and rule of law. No doubt DD will be back in the House on Monday. He should be reinstated and Shadow Home Sec', as tBg believes Dominic Grieve is weak, unlikable and unwelcoming. Unlike DD who would be a fantastic and popular Home Secretary.