Clare Hilley elected.

Top CF'er Clare Hilley has today been elected Treasurer of the Disraeli Salisbury Club. tBg understands is was effectively a tie between Clare and Stuart Turner, so a coin was tossed. Ben Gray finished 3rd. tBg would like to congratulate Hilley on her newest role and is sure she'll do the Disraeli Salisbury Club proud.

Ben Howlett (Chairman) and Patrick Sullivan (Vice-Chairman) released this statement:

"Dear Members

As of close of poll today at 12 noon, I would like to congratulate Clare Hilley, being duly elected to the position of Treasurer.

I would like to thank all three candidates for applying and going through the election.

I would like to explain that it was a very close election between Clare and Stuart Turner. In fact it was a tie, so I tossed a coin and Clare won. Due to the inclusive nature of the club, we would like to keep Stuart involved by asking him if he would like to be the Speaker's Secretary. This is a Junior Role, but one which we hope will become important in the future as we get speakers to come along to our events. I will keep members informed of the progress when I have more information.

We would like to say well done to Ben Gray too, since he came within only a few votes of the tied candidates. We hope Ben will stay involved and members can meet him at the next Dinner.

In terms of the electronic voting, via facebook, this worked out incredibly well and for the first election we had a terrific turnout; above 10% of the membership. We will be using this method for future elections. On a practical level members also come from all across the Country. I do not believe we could have run a fairer election.

Well done to all candidates, and we look forward to working with Clare and Stuart in the future.

Best wishes,

Ben Howlett
Chairman - Returning Officer

Patrick Sullivan
Vice Chairman - Vice Returning Officer

tBg UPDATE 22:40:
Stuart turner is now confirmed as Speakers' Secretary