Britain backs Barack.

53% of Britons polled for the Guardian/ICM believe Barack Obama would make the best president, with just 11% in favor of a John McCain presidency.

Obama is scheduled to be in the U.K on July 25th or 26th, when he plans to meet with David Cameron, in an aim is to counter accusations from McCain that he lacks foreign experience.

"The survey, carried out late last week, found that Obama's support is strongest among male voters - 57% of whom want him to be president. There are small regional variations in support: 50% back him in the south-east, against 57% in the north of England. But overall enthusiasm for an Obama presidency is solid across people of all ages and backgrounds. Unlike the US, there is no evidence of young Britons being keener on Obama than older people."

Meanwhile, liberal mag' The New Yorker's latest edition has Obama and his wife depicted as Islamic terrorits...

Last week Fox News also got into trouble after stating that Barack and Michelle Obama were greeting each other with a "terrorist's fist jab". This depiction was supposed to be a satirical swipe at this, and at crazy rumours which Obama's enemies have been circulating on the Internet that continue to allege that Obama is a Muslim, a "Muslim plant" in a conspiracy against America.

Obama has set up a website to fight these outrages claims at www.fightthesmears.com